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Allow user to click Entity

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24 minutes ago, Alek said:

Like the way I have it in all my scripts? It's all Java API for Swing/AWT, human input is not necessary.

I've only used your woodcutter, but yeah pretty much like that. When the script starts you click the tree you want and it gets that entity, how is that not user input?

Currently I can get the entity on cursor, highlight it with paint, set it to interact with mouse click. Only thing I'm missing is the ability to move the mouse around.


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Just now, Final said:

You cache the first entity/name of entity (whatever you want) they select.


1 minute ago, Final said:

they select.

Anyway, I'm trying out mouse listener. Hopefully its what I'm looking for.

38 minutes ago, liverare said:

Hey it works, thanks buddy!

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