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  1. I just checked and it worked for me. Is your client up to date?
  2. I just updated the original post and left a link on how to avoid bans. Aside from that mining is a very commonly botted skill and has a high chance of getting banned, especially in low level free to play areas.
  3. It will never drop a pickaxe where are you mining when this happens?
  4. lol the bank option is in the bottom left corner, there's a big white toggle for banking/dropping.
  5. Do you have a way to show me this? When I run it this doesn't happen. A gif recording would be really helpful. I will check this once I have an account that can mine gold. Sometimes the walking just bugs out and I don't have control over it since its part of the API Hi. I'm not gonna add any new features, I barely come on here enough to keep it updated. There are some combats scripts on here though, if you train to combat level 28 the scorpions will stop attacking you. Should only take about an hour I think. It should definitely work in the all parts of the mining guild. This guide should help you figure out a schedule for botting. Good luck
  6. Is this what you're talking about? It means i fucked up exporting the project. This was before the script was in the sdn and you had to manually download and add it to your client. It hasn't been there for years don't worry.
  7. hello, does this not support banking AT ALL?? :/ I know the mining guild bank is very close and yet it still just drops them....also the spot near rimmington it just drops them....please help?!

    1. Cloxygen


      the bottom left is 2 white buttons one for drop and one for bank

  8. When you start the script the ores should be marked with white squares. You click on them to select the ones you want to mine. Then push start. If you're experiencing a bug a screenshot would be helpful.
  9. You must enable shift dropping on your account Can you explain what you mean by the first part? As for random mouse clicks, this is considered "antiban" and has not been shown to improve ban rates. Scripters are discouraged from adding it to their scripts. If you want, you can read about it here. Motherload is very different from regular mining, and I wouldn't add it without the ore cleaning, sorry. This will take time, I don't have an account with 92 mining. I will work on it
  10. On the bottom left there is a white bank/drop toggle
  11. The shilo deposit box will work now. Sorry for the wait, those diaries are really bad lol I tested this and I couldn't get it to not bank. What are you mining?
  12. Running over night is probably always a bad idea and is likely to result in a ban, especially for a heavily botted activity like mining. If your intention is to prevent bans, study this.
  13. This will only work with regular mining. I can't get it to go to the port sarim bank, but it should work there anyway. Can you send screenshots? I fixed the wall issue. Some people make it to 99 mining some get banned the first day. The difference seems to be in how you use the script. If you're interested in protecting future accounts, see this.
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