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Dispute on Jamez

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Disputed member: @Jamez @Jamez

Thread Link: N/A Done over Skype



Start| Late Jan or Early Feb

@Jamez & @Decode | Provided me with details on their script and how they wanted it to function.

Span of Week One | Working out Bugs & Improvements

Span of Week Two | Script is completed & Talk to @Decode and agree on a form of payment and accepted his payment.

Span of Week Three | Asked @Jamez for payment and was told that he did not have it yet. Which was fine and waited.

Up until now| Been told that he doesn't have it right now, "Ask Decode for the money", etc.


I do not have logs right now since I have built a new computer. I'll have to check a laptop I have lying around since I was using it for half the script progress and had skype open.

Script total: 90M 07

  • Given half payment from @Decode and gave him the script.
  • Waiting on @Jamez payment of 45m 07.

I would like my payment.

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22 minutes ago, Mio said:

Could you try to provide Skype logs with the payment agreement?


In the meantime I've asked @Jamez to explain why he has not paid yet.

Agreement was not done on Skype but through our private discord.

This album should be hidden to protect their script method.


CORRECTION: Throughout the start of 10th of jan - end I was doing testing and finishing up the script.

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Originally I was going to agree to a services payment on multiple accounts.

But I would rather take the full 45m 07 GP instead.

If I am offline when he is awake to pay then one of you mods please hold the payment and I will get it when I log in. I am EST Timezone.

I work tomorrow from 12-8PM so 9pm-12am i will be available to collect.

Once I have the GP I will give him the SRC + JAR

That is all.

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