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Towelman Introduction


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2 hours ago, towelman said:

Hi guys so this is my first introduction, I am Towelman! I live in California and am a 24 year old gay male. In my free time I enjoy scuba diving and botting for massive loot :doge:


Hi I am Divergent07 and I am from California and am a 22 year old gay male. Lets get married now and make a gay bot farm that changes rs completely :doge:

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So being gay mister Towel, am i a handsome or what ? lol.  I'm a straight newyorker but i do have gay friends, in fact one of them lives in California, he just travels to New York pretty often as his brother lives here.  and that scuba diving sounds beautiful, Wish i could swim :feels:

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11 hours ago, Magerange said:

Gays for Trump in the cuck state of California? Holy shit, mucho respecto!

Yeah it's pretty bad here, In California you can literally be beaten up for having a Trump hat on. Almost all of the local colleges have safe spaces too.. I am ashamed to be a part of the modern day LGBT community.

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