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Botted while questing service


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Explanation: Banned while user was doing a questing service for me.


I have recently gotten in contact with @Saimonas, and he did quite a few quests for me. Now I literally just got my account back (3 days ago) and haven't touched it since. The only thing that has been done on the account was some quests, mining and bankstanding. Unfortunately I think Saimonas has used a bot to do a few quests, since I was manually banned for one day. Luckely no perm ban. I honestly don't know how it would be possible to bot the quests he did, but he could've possibly had a private script or used a walking bot?




The account itself currently has 130 quest points, Saimonas has done roughly 20 of those. He has offered me a refund of 4.2M, which in my opinion is nothing compared to the damage that was done to my account. I would value the account atleast 80-100M, and is now worth way less because of a 1-day ban.



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I do not have any proofs of it. But my services are 100% Handdone because I do not have any workers and every order I am doing by myself :) Im quite new into my own services and I didnt know I have to make screenshots to prove something. My feedback is 100% positive and most of it saying how fast my services is which shows that it is hand done (i dont think that bot could do quests faster than i do :D). Of course it is only my word but I do not even have any bot programe downloaded on my pc and You couldnt find any of my posts/comments about botting because I am not interested in it. 

I have offered him to refund half of the order value or finish it after ban is removed. Half of the value because I have completed few quests before I got dced and account has been disapled and orders that I could have taken. He forced me to refund him or he is going to make a dispute and I agreed him to make it :)

[16:50:41] Youri: I've thought about it and my problem is that I haven't botted on this account since 2 weeks
[16:50:48] Youri: And theres no delayed bans longer than a week
[16:50:57] Youri: Which concerns me...
[16:51:19] Youri: Therefore I would like you to refund me the money, or else I feel the need to make a dispute
[16:53:17] Me U Rs: You can dispute if you want :)
[16:54:00] Me U Rs: Because I'm 100% sure that I didn't bot on ur account. And I can refund you half of the price.

So I am not sure what decission you guys are going to make but I am not changing my mind because I know that I did not use any botting programs. And by the way on my TOS it is written quite clear that I am not responsible of any bans during/after services :)

Thank you for your time.

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1 minute ago, Retweets said:

Thank you both for replying. As @Decode pointed me out, @Saimonas has never used any script on OSBot, so he probably hasn't botted it. 

As Saimonas has only completed half the order, wouldn't it be fair to either complete the order, or give the refund?

You're right. Discuss with him what you both think would be the best option and let us know here please. 

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Sorry but I am done with this order. He is multisharing his account and after that he blames me for something. He did not read my TOS  for sure and I am avoiding this order with no refund.

Was finishing this order and while i tried to hop world somebody logged into account. Wrote a message him on skype but no respond.

[removed image]

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@Retweets it does appear that @Saimonas reached out to you after he had trouble logging into your account so it doesn't appear he's avoiding you. Can either of you provide the skype logs for the last few days?


Also, @Saimonas, you bring up that he did not read your ToS for sure, but you didn't have a ToS until Tuesday, which was after the trade was started. Just throwing that out there.

Your image where you can't login also says "or the server is too busy right now", so it's not 100% for sure that someone logged into the account, but it's possible. 

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I am not multisharing my account, I just logged in since he wasn't speaking to me. Didn't catch his message and asked him two hours later to finish the order, haven't heard anything since (he has been online on Skype).


If he wants to cancel the order, that's fine. I do however expect a refund for the quests he hasn't done.

EDIT: He hasn't finished Watchtower quest en Edgars Ruse. This would be a 3.5M refund (according to his latest quest prices).

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