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quick pc badass obby mauler

iride honda

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lol, if we're selling shit with the service prices included..... 


Selling my main 750m.


- 43 Rc 

- 70/70/70 att / str / def

- 31 mining

- 63 agility

- 40 magic

- 35 fletching


It's like you're charging us for each individual skill and how it was trained in order to compensate off however long you spent on the account. 

Just because a lvl 43 Rc account would go for 20-30m ish, doesn't mean that add's an extra 30m of value to your account along with 40 magic and such... Like my main has thousands of hours and achievements that I couldn't place value on due to how limitless the price would turn out at... I can't charge 30m extra because it has master clue scroll requirements and has another skill set which also costs more... I'm high as fuck so i don't know if this turned out readable or not so..

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