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Examining local objects/things with examine options


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List local_objects = api.objects.getAll();
int size = local_objects.size();

for (int i = 0; i < size - 1; i++) {
    Entity _object = (Entity) local_objects.get(i);
    if (_object.isVisible()) {
        if (_object.hasAction("Examine")) {

I'm trying to grab all local objects and then sort through them to see which objects can be examined. After that it should examine the found object.


This doesn't work though. It doesn't seem to work at all. Does anyone have advice how I can populate local objects and then figure out which ones can be examined?


All the best,

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RS2Object object = api.getObjects().get(o -> o.hasAction("Examine"));

//Make sure to null check it too before you use it.

//If you need a collection you can just do

RS2Object[] / List<RS2Object> objectList = api.getObjects().getAll();

for(RS2Object object : objectList){

if(object != null && object.hasAction("Examine")){


//sleep here probably



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