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finding npc help


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Area yourArea = new Area(...);
NPC npc = getNpcs().filter(npc -> npc != null && yourArea.contains(npc) && npc.getName().equals("NPC NAME"));


Will work great if the NPC is in the area, bu here's some messy code to walk to npc if it's too far away

Filter npcFilter = new Filter<NPC>() {
			public boolean match(NPC npc) {
				return npc != null && npc.getName().equals("NPC NAME");
		NPC npc = npcs.closest(npcFilter);
		if (npc != null) {
			if (npc.isVisible()) {
			} else {
				Area npcArea = npc.getArea(6); // Radius around the NPC
				if (!npcArea.contains(myPlayer())) {
				} else {
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semi-related to this thread, but every time i use id's in my code for npcs it laggs client...

am i doing something wrong in this code?


NPC npc = getNpcs().closest(420);

and before you say to use Filters/names that won't work in this situation.

sorry for being autism



Well two things here that may produce "Lag", though I think you should be getting an error in the logs. First of all check if the ID's are right, then check if the npc is found with if (npc != null) . Then a good idea would be to check if the NPC is visible, cause it won't interact with it the other way (correct me if I'm wrong). And finally, I seriously doubt that an NPC has an action "use". I don't remember the outcome if you use an action that isn't there. Either nothing happens or you'll get an error.

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