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What skills can I train with my IRL autoclicker?


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I have a machine that is hooked up to two mice IRL, and I can right or left click if I choose.


I'm currently just alching, hit 99, and am wondering, what skills can I train with only two mice, and the option to right/left click?

Stumped. Not trying to bot - already got my maxed main banned 2 years back.


Or it could pick up something if there is a spawn, that stacks. Ideas?

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actually they don't detect it.  it's not perfect, it's always different timing and it is 1 to 1

How do you know they can't detect it? If your mouse is sitting there clicking the same coordinates for hours on end it's obviously pretty suspect. I doubt you've constructed a machine with a varying time for clicks AND automates your mouse movement. If you had, then you're obviously wasting your skills on making some auto clicker to get 99 magic that could be accomplished with like 10 lines of code.


All that aside, I can't think of one thing that is feasibly trainable with an auto-clicker besides Magic.

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