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Dispute against Dontbuzz


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Disputed member:@@dontbuzz

Thread Link:http://osbot.org/forum/topic/109867-selling-cb-93-main-75attk-80str-70def-84range-81hp-71mage-48slayer-102-qp-70m-aw/

Explanation: I've been in a dispute where an acc i bought and sold to another person got recovered the person is @@dontbuzz. I think after he got "scammed" he recovered the account i bought from @RuneScape but @Runescape had bought it from @@dontbuzz.  Now i cant enter the acc and the mail have been changed

Evidence:http://prntscr.com/d9mh13 He deleted me on skype + when i tried to request forgot pass this mail was the recovery mail http://prntscr.com/d9mhb0 ://

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RuneScape and i also Got recovery info but i trust RuneScape Cause Hes a good friend og mine and are Way to Dubai

Well if you all three could recover the account, that changes the direction of dispute.


I want you all three to post the recovery information you were given.


Withhold anything, and I'll know. smile.png

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I haven't removed anyone from Skype man, I only just woke up its 8:54am here - Why are you lying about this? (seems fishy)


You sent me two very vague messages on Skype while I was sleeping and then make a dispute before I even have a chance to reply.





I sold this account to @Runescape for an account of his + 25M cash my way.


(Yes, the account I bought was recovered but if I were to scam why would I choose to do so now without waiting for more news on my 40m refund?)



I provided Runescape with the recovery information and he then on-sold the account to you (Vicfre). So I have no clue what info he has given to you.






So in my eyes, either @RuneScape has recovered the account back from @Vicfre or Vic has just changed the email himself and is trying to pin it on me as It "looks" like I am trying to take back the account as revenge for what I lost.


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