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  1. Runescape has agreed to allow me two weeks to pay him back.
  2. Is the value of the items posted included in the 175M? or do I have to pay that separately to Runescape or Vic.
  3. Yeah i recovered this account sorry. I saw Vicfre had got into huge debt with @RuneScape and from what I read it seemed like he had no intention of paying him back. I didn't realize he had given the account back to @RuneScape and offered to power level it as a way of working off his debt. I was also pissed off at Vic for false disputing me last time and after seeing him take the ban recently I decided to recover the account as a final "fuck you" of sorts to Vic. I really shouldn't of taken this into my own hands and I accept the consequences of my actions. I can return the account back to @RuneScape if he feels safe enough with me as the original owner or I guess I can try and refund him the value of account. Nothings changed on the account since I've recovered it. It just has 2 days less membership. Cheers and I apologize again.
  4. I think it would drive the value of the account down and make it a bit harder for you to find a buyer.
  5. I'm selling my noob starter pure with 85 thieving. Attack and prayer are quested. 13M 07. Cheers
  6. Cheers bro, will only be accepting paypal from people I deem trusted.
  7. Skype: dont.buzz (Please pm before trading) 65 Combat 1. Pictures of the account stats 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) No wealth on the account 4. Notable Quests completed (48 Quest Pts) Mithril Gloves Animal Magnetism (Accumulator) Monkey Madness 5. CURRENT BID None 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 70M 7. The methods of payment you are accepting 07GP 8. Your trading conditions Dont mind going first to trusted or using an MM. 9. Pictures of the account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address Email will be changed to yours on purchase. Account was created with a fake original email. Thank you. Skype: dont.buzz (Please pm before trading)
  8. I have no leniency toward someone who tries to frame me. Vic lying about me deleting/blocking him on skype shows to me that he did change the email of the account himself (Other dispute). So you have 48 hours from when Decode posted @@Vicfre. (Am i also able to get TWC removed from myself, thanks)
  9. I have returned the account to Vic, he has changed the email and says he will be changing the password when he gets home: (Pictures hidden)
  10. [imgage hidden] Appeal has just been accepted and I set the new password to the account just in case the link expires. Please re-add/unblock me on Skype when you are back @Vicfre so I can deliver the account to you.
  11. Vic has now decided to delete me from skype:
  12. Interesting development: It seems @Vicfre is now responsible for the 40m refund to me as @Prison Break refused to pay and took the ban. So Vic doesn't want to fork out 40m Vic so he resorts to framing me instead?
  13. I haven't removed anyone from Skype man, I only just woke up its 8:54am here - Why are you lying about this? (seems fishy) You sent me two very vague messages on Skype while I was sleeping and then make a dispute before I even have a chance to reply. I sold this account to @Runescape for an account of his + 25M cash my way. (Yes, the account I bought was recovered but if I were to scam why would I choose to do so now without waiting for more news on my 40m refund?) I provided Runescape with the recovery information and he then on-sold the account to you (Vicfre). So I have no clue what info he has given to you. So in my eyes, either @RuneScape has recovered the account back from @Vicfre or Vic has just changed the email himself and is trying to pin it on me as It "looks" like I am trying to take back the account as revenge for what I lost.
  14. Found someone sorry, thanks.
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