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Sup. So I'm in the process of creating my first script. Gonna make a very simple one for now; a script as simple as a ring/amulet/necklace/bracelet enchantment script.

Was wondering though, a script this simple, the pattern would *probably* be easier to be detected since it's too repetitive. Any tips on this? Maybe after a random amount of mins the script lets the bot check the GE for its trade offers? Not sure if this would help in terms of bot detection. Just a thought.

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you could do that, but most forms of antiban dont matter in the end, and is just something that makes people feel safer, even though it really does nothing. 


the best form of antiban is a well-written script that does not get stuck.


Watch how you play, then mimic that in your script. It's a repetitive task, there's not much you can do about it. I mean you could try adding misclicks, but that's still a bit "tinfoily" and probably won't yield any different results.

Alright. I get what you both mean. Thanks


check wc xp


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