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Emotional Games


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Hey !

Do u know any emotional games?

Adventures? I love the games from TellTale Studio's.

The one good was also Life is Strange.

Actually ending the episode #3 of Batman from telltale games too.

The old one good was Siberia I & II. I have a huge fondness for games where Your's choices are taken into gameplay in a future phase.

So please OSbot members, Can you suggest a good game similar to those titles?

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Lul i bought my cousin the minecraft one and it was cancer ofc but i like the idea of the games tbh fifa 17 the journey implements telltale gameplay/mechanics 



btw, Throught the Woods trailer looks good. Maybe il try this game. It's adventure but dont have any choices.

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I know the 99.9% members of this forums dont like me.

Staff too. But thats not a reason to spam in my threads all the time.

If you have suggestions - please think about this 10 times and check that brings something to the topic.

i like you.


don't post in the spam section then lol

use this instead http://osbot.org/forum/forum/160-community-discussion/

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