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[UNDETECTED] CSGO External Triggerbot


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Hey guys,


Looking to sell slots to my CSGO External Triggerbot.  Starting sales on here since I know a lot of you play and I love osbot.  Slots will be limited to 20.  I only support MM/SMAC/VAC (NOT FACEIT, THEY PATCH INCROSS).  It is an external triggerbot using incross, so it will NOT work on super long distances or through smokes/walls/etc.  Price will be $15/month and will be HWID locked.  No gui, no bullshit, just a c++ console app that does what it is supposed to. Will make a video later and add it to the thread.



-External Triggerbot


-Configurable Trigger Key

-Configurable Trigger Delay

-.ini Settings Loading

-Automatic Offset Scanner

-HWID anti-leak protection


Slots available - 19/20


Current Status: UNDETECTED


Video (Taken on my surface pro 4, sorry for shit quality and cheat isnt 100% optimal on low processor):




Disclaimer: Please understand that I am not responsible for any VAC/OW bans to occur on your account.  There is always a chance of ban when cheating (just like with botting RS).  The chances are very very very low due to the unique builds and low user count.  Refunds will not be given.  Chargebacks will be immediately disabled and reported. It is also possible that after a major game update I will need to update the cheat.  It does have sig scanning for offsets, but it is possible for it to break.  It has worked for the last 3 months with no issues though.  Please allow 24 hours from the time you PM/contact me about it not working for an update.






Works great smile.png 10/10 recommend.



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