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Account credits problem


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around 30 days ago I first purchased VIP.

4 days ago I purchased a $10 voucher from gleets and yea everything went smooth as usual.


Now that my I noticed my VIP has expired, I went to the client area to renew my VIP. But for some reason, the balance I had (around $10-$11 USD) is now $0. I didnt purchase anything off OSBOT since the day I entered my voucher.


I read that 



Your account credit will automatically be used for any renewal invoices or can be used for new purchases.


But in the purchases tab, the last purchase I made was the VIP 30 days ago. so yea, idk where my balance went.


EDIT: just to add more info, im 100% sure the $10 voucher I used worked. unfortunately I cant find a "deposit history" to confirm this.


EDIT 2: currently bought vouchers from @Jonny so I can bot. still wondering about my past voucher credit though

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