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How To Add A Script Tutorial [Video]

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If its not finding the script, double check that its saved as a groovy file or a class....

If it has errors loading the script, double-check that you named the saved file same as the class.


In example:

class CloudChaosDruids extends Script

Means you want to save it as 





If the loading errors persist, the script might not be up-to-date with the current version of OSBot.

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the Name of the files has to be EXACTLY the same to the name of the scrript

I can't find the OSbot folder where I save the script to the scripts folder. Help!

My computer>C drive>Users>Your User>OSbot

the video i made last week or so, shows where to find it messed up on the crafting tho its suppose to be lower case S instead of Cap on the second S

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