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Creating a non-trolling section?

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I'm well aware that posting this will bring out the creeps and trolls who deem it comical to post ignorant shit and I've accepted that fact.


I feel as though a "serious" or "personable" section of the forums would be only beneficial to the community here.


I would like to see people posting the good and the bad in their life without being trolled or "made fun of". 


i.e.  Getting a new job, finally getting that girl/guy you've always wanted, going through depression/suicidal thoughts or you just have 

something on your mind to either gather perspective / brag to the world. 


Sure, it's the internet. Trolls exist and will continue to exist. I feel that regulation of said section(s) with a list of serious rules or guidelines would help prevent them from constantly ruining someones day or making someones day worse.


I'm not asking for a "safe space", I'm simply asking for a section made to support individuals in life. 





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