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The Hero of Time

just a tip

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you can make your own homemade snack, popcorn.




get a high pan




fill it with any oil, for example Sunflower oil 


wait for it to boil, throw corn in, close the lid





wait for all the corn to pop



be sure to shake the pan a little bit so every corn pops



after it's done throw some salt on it and its sooo good.




also the smell of it popping is awesome








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or OR, here me out here;

you buy a bag of popcorn, you put it into the microwave for 3 minutes and it's already flavored.

orr orr you buy a big bag of corn so you basically never have to restock on things, plus it tastes better than that premade popcorn


This is actually a good tip, have been doing this for couple years and it's so much better than the microwave popcorn, and the premade stuff.



yep, same here

imagined someone with down's syndrome explaining this to me 10/10 

hey, at least i got a 10/10 :doge:

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When you go to the cinema do you bring your own popcorn?

emote32342.png of course not, that does not make any sense




1. It is abnormal to do that, also cinemas make most of their money from popcorn ,so doing that also makes you a douche

2. cinema popcorn is even better than homemade/premade from shops

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