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  1. Why would you post a one word response? Either post something constructive or don't post. On topic: I think it only has a chance to work if it was for bot busting and maybe even then it might not because you know Jagex doesn't really give a flying f**k about its community specially if they think you are botting. Would be something interested to try though.
  2. Its supposedly shit. Leveling experience is supposed to be horrible and end game isn't anything to brag about. This is what I have gotten from watching Kripp and other No_life crew members. If the subscription is something to worry about, just wait and hope for free trial.
  3. Sedloc


    I think this is great idea . Would be a nice way for people to get to know each other in the community a bit better.
  4. After you beat the first boss you unlock the option to use a code for a free rare card. This code selection is in the upper right hand corner. You only can use one code before you get your own code to distribute. I am trying to pay people to use my code because for every person that uses my code i also get a rare card. If anyone has any further questions or would like help just message me here or on skype. Again my skype name is SEDLOC, same as my username. If someone wants to close this topic i have given out all the codes i can. thanks to those who helped me out NEED MORE PEOPLE NOW WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF NEW CODES.
  5. Hmmm, I have to say Kati's is really good. Might just switch my vote now :P
  6. Sedloc


    You should get mod status. I've seen you in most topics being helpful. You have my vote =)
  7. why is this here wrong topic dude.
  8. Sedloc

    BETA v1.3.1

    Disregard. I have gotten it to work and as far as FPS issues I have experienced none. I use windows and I am getting a solid 100 FPS so good work guys and thank you.
  9. Sedloc

    BETA v1.3.1

    I'm getting the log in error whenever I try to sign in =(
  10. my bad will change , and i still need people =D
  12. After wbot and the problems with vinsert, I hope this doesn't tank after the first couple of weeks. Tired of paying for a VIP then the site dieing. *fingers crossed*
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