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  1. I won't do any Business with this Person ever again. I was a huge Fan of one of his Scripts that I purchased. When I bought the Caged Ogres one, I realised it didn't work for me whenever started. After the 6th attempt I reported it and requested a Refund. He instead wanted me to help him figure out where the Issue is. I provided every Information I knew about besides taking Pictures of whatever. Can't take any critism and blocked me instantly. Thats deffinitly not how to treat Customers.

    1. Khaleesi


      Feel free to provide me the evidence I asked for multiple times :)
      I will be glad to fix your issue if you help pinpoint it ^^

    2. Wattebelje1


      I already told you I'm not in the Position to take Pictures and waste my Time to fix your Scripts Issues. I'm als only playing Mobile rn, which makes it hard to start your Script to get you the Informations you ask for.

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