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  1. still offering 15m for wc pet
  2. 1.5m for the ques. 3m for the leveling
  3. i can do this, i think we're already on discord i'll contact you.
  4. 19.9m as. anymore reference for quest prices is in my shop link . you can contact me with a method below
  5. haunted mine 2800k Death to the Dorgeshuun - 1600k Horror From The Deep - 1750k If barcrawl done 1250k Lair - 800k
  6. if you're still looking . everything 16m
  7. i'm also available. if user isn't online don't mean to service steal.
  8. future reference check my topic in sig for pricess u wyling for paying that price.
  9. asolute hero this guy , came to my rescue and sorted a difficult quest ... polite and trust worthy 

    thanks will use again

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