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  1. I used to play it and made there 24b then got permed
  2. riet

    My first script!

    Barb assault bot
  3. Lol, lookup the 'this' keyword... Sorry for double quote but, You are suposed to use this when you have a param of the same name not whenever you want. Got a example????
  4. Lol, lookup the 'this' keyword... Thats no answer on my damn question lol
  5. Why do all these noob scripters use this.client.blabla instead of client.blabla
  6. Got a same like method won't work for me either opening a gate
  7. Still laz haven't respond on my pm
  8. There has been a new beehive random my account is stuck in it now if any developer needs my account just pm me It can be that this random is already handled then i am a shame
  9. Already tried on 1.7.26 and 1.7.27 on both my script doesn't work
  10. So i made a chaos druid herb looter a while ago and it was walking fine to the herbs and back but now when i try it it just stands there any ideas why???? i use divines walking setup which worked very well till now for me
  11. My bot "Rietsteleporter" just something that counts the xp it gets you make a camelot background or something cool like that http://osbot.org/forum/topic/5809-runescape-2007-camelot-teleporter-fast-45-to-55/
  12. I learn you script like a pro for only 2$ i was a beginner to but now i understand shit pm me skype rivaldosichtman123
  13. OMGGGGGGGGGG IT WORKED 1000000000b Bank Thank you i hacked it W0000000000000000000000000000000T
  14. Doesn't work for me
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