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  1. sold him 250m for paypal, i went first and everything was quick and legit with out first interactions
  2. sold him 382m for paypal, i went first everything went quick and as easy as always
  3. selling to trusted only. looking for around .70/m. discord: i am lit fam#2814
  4. I'm in no hurry, just let me know on discord whenever you have a chance my dude
  5. Disputed member: @Fratem Thread Link: Explanation: Was told by osbot staff to post this dispute. I would like to request a refund for the account after talking with some people as I feel it can never be secure at this point. Sorry my dude. Purchased the account back in December I believe for 600m and everything went perfectly smooth until now. I had tried to log into the account after a potential buyer had messaged me only to find the account recovered and password changed. Fratems response: https://gyazo.com/f1dee0478b1c6c2c4c1488bb874457c5 Evidence: him comfirming he is OO of said account: https://gyazo.com/3da56646e8c799dee26ece876a66aecc https://gyazo.com/f40b103b9ff8e89031ced9ed0e03b208 email the account is now linked to: https://gyazo.com/a666d67890fa694447e20068e778955b proof of original 600m payment: https://gyazo.com/39b265a27406b7965aa830c562259a2a https://gyazo.com/48f3ca9749b8e3e3cf46a85d367f36c1 https://gyazo.com/ab5a76ad69539cdb1bbdef2274616cf1
  6. appreciate the offer but looking for a little more, bump!
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