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  1. After I begin the script, the bot checks my bank and says i have run out of oak planks even though there are 45,000 in my bank. It will then turn off the script. What is happening? Thanks,
  2. Khal, I see Molly's thieving is ranked top but I really enjoy your scripts the most.. I think I have purchased at least 6 of them. How is your thiever? Have you had low ban rates? I'd like a trial please. Thanks
  3. The script has been getting stuck on chopping or mining the obstacle while doing abyss.. character has almost died numerous times but i have to intervene to click on the obstacle again before the character dies. Any others referencing this issue? I have tried logging off, restarting client in mirror mode, etc.. nothing permanently fixes the issue. Thanks!
  4. I'll give it a try. How do you setup and authorize emails for bot accounts?
  5. The script got stuck after beginning it at the bank saying it was missing large, medium and small pouches even though they were in my inventory already. any chance you know why this is happening? Thanks
  6. yes I had them all walk to ge and log off
  7. I would like a refund if possible. I made 2 more accounts yesterday, ran them on home IP, mirror mode.. followed everything to a T.. both accounts banned in the morning. Thank you,
  8. When I begin this script with nothing in my inventory.. I have the GUI withdraw 4 overloads and 23 absorptions with my dwarven rock cake as the 28th item. As the script starts, the Log says it cannot find one item, dwarven rock cake when there are 5 in my bank. Can you help, please?
  9. Would you mind activating it again please? I didn't get to log on today
  10. I should add that they were made on home ip and botted on mirror mode. Thanks
  11. All 6 of the accounts I botted tutorial island were banned overnight. Turned the script on, accounts were lead through tut island and then auto logged off. Woke up this morning to them all being banned. Can you explain why? Thanks
  12. Trial please? I have bought 3+ of your other scripts. Thanks!
  13. Czar, Loving your perfect fisher.. May I try the woodcutting too please? Thanks!
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