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  1. I could do it for like 120m total. I might not be as cheap as others, but I can tell you that I'd be done in max 3 days INSURED. (I'm also used to play UIM)
  2. A whole trip takes ~6minutes when only making non-few mistakes. (been testing it) The xp/hp should be something moving around 12k/h I'd do it for 500k/trip - so 216m total. Total timeframe ~ 4-5 days It might actually be cheaper to train crafting in p2p using superglass make, that's what I've done on my UIM.
  3. 60-71 thieving- 15m 48-58 fishing- 11m 60-66 hunter - 11m varrock easy - 1.5m varrock medium - 2m (+1m for pendant) rat catchers - 3m (if an adult cat is banked, otherwise 7m)
  4. I am experienced with parsec. ds2 - 12m mm2 - 12m enlightened journey - 2.5m legends - 7m dream mentor - 3m tail of two cats - 2m bone voyage - 1m client of kourend - 1m the eyes of glouphrie - 2m Mourning end 1 - 3m Mourning end 2 - 7m the feud - 2m 54.5m total
  5. Looking for around 5-10 part-time workers. Will be looking for more as long as I don't edit this Topic. Country doesn't matter to me. MUST BE RELIABLE add my discord: MY Discord: Eatbananana#6585 UID 293908678938198016
  6. I can do all of them if they fit my prices. I'm used to parsec.
  7. 50-70 herblore - 3m 50-70 construction - 6m Song of the Elves - 15m can start right away. Can complete same day you order withing the next 5h
  8. Super fast and reliable quester/skiller! He is very fast and he knows the game very well.
    i would differently recommend him for all your needs regarding osrs 10/10

  9. 22m. A cannon will be used whenever possible. 1-2 days completition insured.
  10. Hey, I am MW3LOV3 and I am a very enthusiastic service provider. My personal specialty would be questing. My Discord: Eatbanana#6585 Quest Prices PACKAGES Barrows Gloves - 150m - completition within 2-4 days Barrows Gloves - 200m (from Scratch) - completition witihin 4-6 days Ava's device - 5m Desert Treasure - 16m Dragon Scimitar - 7m Mithril gloves - 14m Piety (prayer) - 15m Zulrah questline - 10m A A Soul's Bane - 2m A Tail of Two Cats - 2m A Taste of Hope - 5m Animal Magnetism - 2m Another Slice of H.A.M. - 2m B
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