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  1. Hi Khal, I have many of your scripts. Please could you give me a trial on this one?
  2. Lickwid

    Stealth NMZ

    Hi Token, Unsure if you are aware but many times i go back to check on the NMZ bot to notice it isnt rock caking if the bot messes up during Overload/Rapid flicking to keep hp to 1 He just sits at 2hp unless i pause and guzzle it myself then resume script I noticed on the settings rock cake only allows above 2hp. Cannot select above 1 HP which id assume is 3hp+ Is there any reason for this? EDIT 1: ATTACHED SETTINGS EDIT 2: CHANGED GUZZLE TO 2 TO 2 RATHER THAN 2 TO 4 TO SEE IF IT GUZZLES EVERYTIME AT 2 EDIT 3: WORKING FLAWLESSLY NOW. ROCK CAKE SETTINGS: 2 TO 2 AND IT ALWAYS DROPS YOU BACK TO 1HP SHOULD YOU REGEN
  3. Hi Khaleesi, Am setting up a master farmer farm and wanted to try out your Rogues' Den script for a day if poss? EDIT: Nvm i see you are not giving out trials im blind
  4. This is what I was talking about, copying the jagexlauncher 4 times and renaming it to desktop and setting 4 seperate rules all to the same proxy and just launching them all quickly by double clicking them all from desktop. should be able to get 4-5 open. right click > proxify > proxy is a pain and too slow before advert error
  5. I’ve read about VMs and Sandboxie but surely if you want to run 4 mirror mode clients on a single IP through proxifier I shouldn’t need to do that? Did see a guide having seperate jagex clients on the desktop with different rules. Maybe I could have 4 clients 1 for each account already with proxy rules?
  6. Hey guys, Apologies for the long post but would really like some solid advice. I have searched the forums high and low but cannot seem to see any real info im after Only started using OSBot the last few weeks after coming over from ***** and i have a query that's been rattling my brain At the moment i have: VIP Proxifier setup 1 Proxy 4 Bot Accounts 1 Bot "Main" Firstly:- I am trying to launch 4 bots on the same Proxy IP which i struggle with I seem to only be able to open 2 by Right Click OSRS > Proxifier > PROXYIP before i get the dreaded advertisement block error I know if you spam click them to open as many as you need works but surely that opens "unproxied clients?" i cant spam them open as i need to right click > proxifier > (proxyip) which then launches the OSRS vanilla client in proxy Any ideas would be great Secondly:- How would i go about opening 2-4 bots on Proxy with 1 "bot main" on my home IP all using OSBot Clients At the moment i have been running 1 "bot main" by: Opening OSBot in Mirror Mode (unticking Proxy and unselecting the Proxy IP) Opening Vanilla OSRS normally and attaching client it Then opening a separate OSBot in Mirror Mode (ticking Proxy and selecting my Proxys IP) Opening Vanilla OSRS by Right Click -> Proxifier > (proxyip) This seems to work OK as on proxifier it only shows 2 applications in Proxifier both jagexlauncher.exe which i assume is the Proxied OSRS Client & Proxied OSbot However if i then go to run more proxied bots i get the advertisement error Thanks in advance
  7. Lickwid

    Perfect Thiever

    Morning Czar! Been using mostly Khal scripts but wouldn't mind giving your Thieving one a shot? Seems to have a big following! Thank you EDIT: Could i have a trial please ?
  8. Could i trial this one please Khal?
  9. Hi Khal could I grab a trial on this one? Thanks!
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