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  1. Shafqat123

    Stealth NMZ

    Inventory setup is not the issue in my case. As for the behaviour im experiencing when enabling "any", the bot literally doesnt to anything once inside a dream. It will die in nmz and re-enter, repeatedly.
  2. Shafqat123

    Stealth NMZ

    Encountered a couple of issues when enabling script today. Im using mirror mode. 1. When choosing "any" in positioning, the bot doesnt fucntion past drinking vial to enter dream - it stands still and doesnt do any actions. Log says this: [INFO][Bot #1][10/23 03:28:23 PM]: entering dream [INFO][Bot #1][10/23 03:28:24 PM]: interacting with potion [INFO][Bot #1][10/23 03:28:27 PM]: entering dream [INFO][Bot #1][10/23 03:28:29 PM]: clicking accept [INFO][Bot #1][10/23 03:28:33 PM]: resetting dream timestamp 2. Special attacks seem to be hit and miss. Special attack on ma
  3. One trial for AIO cooker, please .)
  4. Can you elaborate on what you have planned for upcoming implementations to the script, and when they might come live? If G.E. restocker is not currently on the forefront, then a simple seed/resource counter would be a nice qol. Generally a very nice script.
  5. May I have a trial please?
  6. May I have a trial? Also, which quests does the script currently complete? Thanks in advance
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