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  1. I had that issue before. My AV was deleting a .dll file (false positive) in my temp folder when I started osbot
  2. I suggest you look into sandbox or farmaton
  3. Interesting keep us updated if it works or if banned !
  4. Hard at first but you're gonna love it when you get used to it It helps alot reduce the ban rate
  5. I have the same issue with SF but maybe it's my computer or sandboxie idk
  6. Isn't it dangerous to have a mouse recorder clicking the same exact pixel everytime?
  7. When you create some new account, you need the put a legit email address to click on the confirmation email and to reset your password once. I suggest you look at 33mail it helps alot! Your gonna be able to create 5 accounts every 30 minutes with the free version. Otherwise farmaton offer automatic email verification and password recovery I think
  8. I've waisted many hours trying to setup proxifier/sandbox/mirror mode omg that projet is awesome thanks
  9. Hi guys, Osbot opens a white page this morning... I need help I tried to uninstall reinstall java 8, delete download the jar file, reboot PC... Any idea? Thanks
  10. You need to buy a staff from a guy in draynor to autocast without magic bonus and wear full iron it's ez -65 but you can't wear an elemental staff so you have to pay for all the runes
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