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  1. Hello juggles Script is not working anymore on farming shop , he open the interface and dont buy the items , do you mind take a look ? I tried other farming shop aswell same problem . i tried aswell on other shops like runes and is working fine only farming having this issue...
  2. Can i have trial khal ? Looking to buy some agility script
  3. Ty for trail Already purchase , work really good !!!
  4. Can i have a trail khal ? Already have a couple khal scripts wanna test it
  5. Tysm for trial khal another amazing script Il buy it ! ^_^
  6. - Script name Khal Blast Furnace - trial length 24 hours - Reason for trial testing looking for buy it , i already have motherload ^_^ - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? ofc after 24 hours !!
  7. HI Fury ! I'm interested buying , can i have a trial pls ? Also , how trial work , never have 1 before . I'm interestI'm interested in buyinged in buying
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