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  1. Well it got stuck on the first med clue due to failing to fetch web path just walks around Lumbridge. any ideas on how to fix it?
  2. Mind If I leech a trial? Thank you Also, how long do you give for a trial?
  3. Hey Fury, In an upcoming update would be able to add support for run recovery pots please?
  4. you still have school with everything going on?
  5. Rip, any hints on when the next update will be pushed?
  6. Off topic a little, your discord got banned?
  7. Added you Fury, name will comeup as lunar
  8. I just noticed it today/yesterday. the flag on the mini map has been longer
  9. Also for progress, my best loot
  10. Hey Fury, the bot is currently breaking on pathing resulting in premature account bans. This break is occurring when the bot ends up outside of the loot area like GE. When the bot is outside of your predefined mapped area and needs to call on web pathing in order to return to the looting area it will break and not path. I have had this occur in 2 different places in GE, the first is if the loot leads the bot to the NW where the short cut is and loot is dropped outside of the shortcut. The other being if it is lured outside of the east gate. Web walking from the south gate appears to still be w
  11. Hey Fury, been enjoy the script alot and was wondering if you could add a little bit to the paint loot tracker. I would like to see a Total loot value dropped as this would help me plan boting hours a bit better, Thanks
  12. I ended up buying before trying, did not want to wait thank you tho
  13. Could I have access to the free trial please
  14. Whats the ban rate like with this currently?
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