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  1. Looking to get a trail aswell. Thank you in advance
  2. Does anyone know if this is still possible with more than 2 clients? Whenever I try to open more than 2 clients the last client gives an error saying it cant load advertisement - quit.
  3. Lmao i copied and pasted this code and have used it from 82-95 fishing so far. Thanks man!
  4. Mirror mode or stealth injection?
  5. Just randomly reading through this thread, Mirror mode is slower but in my own use is WAY safer. I ran OSBOT for 2 hrs on steal injection on an account and was banned after. I made 2 new accounts and have only ran mirror mode, i ran one account 6-8 hours per day using DPS fishing, and got to 82 no problem. the other account has now reached over 1000 total with almost base 60 stats using mirror mode 4-5 hrs per day.
  6. That ended up working. Normally i try to assign an object, Normally it works fine, but for some reason it didnt in this case. And yes I am on Mirror mode, thanks for the heads up that the tool bugs out. like this RS2Object houseSign = getObjects().closest("House Advertisement") houseSign.intetact("View");
  7. This is what i get when i hover. Vs the portal.
  8. I have also tried that when using entity hover, it only shows that it is a tile. Not a NPC or object
  9. Are there any good ways to interact with the house advertisement outside of the rimmington portal? getclosestObject does not work. TIA
  10. Hoping to trial this script before pulling the trigger on it, Thanks in advance!
  11. Writing a combat fighter/loot/banking script. loot = GroundItem lootList = String[] {"Stuff", "To", "Loot"} Anyone have recommendations for how to improve this? or other ways that you loot that could be better? current onLoop() order if(lootExists()){ loot(); } methods private boolean lootExists() { for (int i = 0; i < lootList.length; i++) { loot = groundItems.closest(lootList[i]); if (loot != null && loot.exists()) { log("Loot exists!"); return true; } } return false; } private void loot() { for (int i = 0; i < lootList.length; i++) { loot = groundItems.closest(lootList[i]); if (loot != null && loot.exists() && getMap().canReach(loot) && loot.isVisible()) { log("loot: " + loot); loot.interact("Take"); log("Taking loot"); } } }
  12. @camaro 09 Thanks. I ended up adding an open() method that sets the GUI as visible. Since it's a dialog it requires an answer, so I open() the GUI and it doesn't run through anything else until the GUI has been closed. Fixing the problem
  13. Any easy way to see how many coal are in the blast furnace? Also looking for way to know if there are bars in the dispenser. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm currently working on a fighting script with a gui, and when I try to start the script im getting a NPE before I even select my options on my gui. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm getting the NPE on the 1st if() statement if(gui.getMonster().equalsIgnoreCase("chicken")) because getMonster hasnt been answered yet. public void onStart() throws InterruptedException { gui = new fighterGUI(); if(gui.getMonster().equalsIgnoreCase("chicken")){ targetMonsterName = gui.getMonster(); log(targetMonsterName); //targetMonsterArea = new Area(pos1, pos2); } if(gui.getMonster().equalsIgnoreCase("chaos druid")){ targetMonsterName = "Chaos druid"; log(targetMonsterName); //targetMonsterArea = new Area(pos1, pos2); } if(gui.getFood().equalsIgnoreCase("salmon")){ selectedFood = "Salmon"; log(selectedFood); } if(gui.getFood().equalsIgnoreCase("lobster")){ selectedFood = gui.getFood(); log(selectedFood); } class fighterGUI extends JDialog implements ActionListener { private final JLabel monsterLabel; private final JLabel foodLabel; private final JComboBox monsterDropDown; private final JComboBox foodDropDown; private final JButton button; private int monsterIndex; private int foodIndex; private String monsterName; private String foodName; private String[] monsterList; private String[] foodList; private boolean started; public fighterGUI() { monsterList = new String[]{"Chicken", "Chaos druid"}; //{"Chicken", "Cow", "Goblin", "Hill giant", "Chaos druid"}; foodList = new String[]{"Salmon", "Lobster"}; setTitle("Vain's Low Level Combat Fighter"); setResizable(false); setLocationRelativeTo(null); setVisible(true); setSize(600, 100); setModal(true); setLayout(new FlowLayout()); monsterLabel = new JLabel("Select Monster"); monsterDropDown = new JComboBox(monsterList); foodLabel = new JLabel("Select Food"); foodDropDown = new JComboBox(foodList); button = new JButton("Start Script"); //button.addActionListener(this); button.addActionListener(e -> { started = true; close(); }); add(monsterLabel); add(monsterDropDown); add(foodLabel); add(foodDropDown); add(button); pack(); } @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { //monsterIndex = monsterDropDown.getSelectedIndex(); setMonster((String) monsterDropDown.getSelectedItem()); //foodIndex = foodDropDown.getSelectedIndex(); setFood((String) foodDropDown.getSelectedItem()); //dispose(); } public void setMonster(String monster) { this.monsterName = monster; } public String getMonster(){ return monsterName; } public void setFood(String food){ this.foodName = food; } public String getFood(){ return foodName; } public boolean isStarted() { return started; } public void open() { setVisible(true); } public void close() { setVisible(false); dispose(); }
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