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  1. lol is the new version mining bitcoin with my cpu.
  2. @Khaleesi is there CLI Support?
  3. stormerjack

    Perfect Thiever

    Bot keeps freezing the client when he gets put in prison at H.A.M.S. it tried to pick lock the door over and over without waiting and then i lose all access to the client and doesn't allow me to pause the bot or stop the script.
  4. Any possibility for mule support?
  5. When medium and hard coming
  6. stormerjack

    Stealth Quester

    yeah underground pass and regicide would be it so worth it.
  7. Is it possible to add an option to use ranger potions?
  8. Thieving need fixing too i think. left it on for over an hour an came back to messages saying "you need to empty your coin pouches to continue"
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