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  1. doubt

    Prime Tanner

    Those are some features I'm definitely thinking of adding
  2. doubt

    Prime Tanner

    Apologies. Just pushed the fix now, it will take some time to become live.
  3. Congrats on your release
  4. Congrats on your release and good job!
  5. Welcome and good luck!
  6. doubt

    Perm ban

    I've had zero problems manually playing accounts after having other accounts banned. The account usually only comes at risk when you begin botting it. I think you should decrease the length of time you bot your activities and increase the length of your breaks in-between activities. If these are accounts that you (even slightly) care about, it may be worthwhile to play manually every now and then, to break things up.
  7. Features Tans cowhide, green d'hide, blue d'hide, red d'hide and black d'hide at Al Kharid Webwalking Informational paint GUI & CLI Requirements Untanned hides and coins How to use Have untanned hides and coins (un-noted or in the bank) Start script (configure through GUI) CLI Script Parameters Parameters are specified in a key=value manner, with a dot (.) as the delimiter. e.g. hide=soft.location=alkharid Script ID: 1069 Available hide options: soft - Soft leather hard - Hard leather green - Green dragon leather blue - Blue dragon leather red - Red dragon leather black - Black dragon leather Available location options: alkharid - Al Kharid
  8. Are you definitely using Java version 8 to open the jar?
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