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  1. Yeah this is a solid one. Only tiny complaint I have is that on the Seers course, it clicks the same exact tile to run next to the start every time before climbing the first obstacle. This script can run a long time though. Never seen any real bad mistakes.
  2. Hey, wondering if this supports hops patches?
  3. Hey Khal, any reason why pouches are disabled for so many options? I was hoping to do either lava runes (don't have magic imbue yet) or cosmic runes. I have NPC contact.
  4. Yeah, I'm having the same issue. I just manually re-stocked, and it works after that.
  5. Hey could I get a trial please?
  6. Hey Khal, Still running mirror mode with the new mouse. Your latest update seems to have helped. The mouse moves around, trying to find the rift, but finds it after a few seconds at most. I'll keep babysitting it, and let you know if anything changes. One thing I'm curious if you could add is a check for whether or not shift-drop is enabled. I know your thiever has this feature, which frequently saves me when I forget to enable it myself. I've got myself stuck at the altar because I forgot and it keeps trying to empty the pouches, but can't. Thanks!
  7. It went on until the re-stocking was finished so like 10ish. Sorry, I didn't save the logger. I'll see if I can re-produce it later.
  8. At least it mostly works. I had to correct it once and it's still going.
  9. Unfortunately it stopped working after about 10 runs.
  10. Hey Token, When re-stocking I've noticed the script will close the GE menu, then reopen it for each item it tries to buy/sell. Is there a reason for this? Rather than placing multiple orders at once, it places one, then closes and reopens the menu before placing a second order and so on. Love the script. It's gotten me to over 70 farming on one of my alts lately.
  11. I was having the same issue. With the new mouse selected.
  12. Hey Czar thanks for the trial. One thing I've noticed is that when the brazier goes out, the script can be very slow in reacting to re-light it. So quite often it'll try to light the brazier, but be too late, then it'll wait a few more seconds before adding logs. I'm using mirror mode and the reaction time is set to the fastest. It means the last 3-4 games I've played I end up with like 470-490 points :(.
  13. You could, but it's pretty unlikely you main gets banned if you don't bot on it. Maybe be concerned if you're transferring large amounts of wealth or interacting with the bots a lot, but it's likely not a big deal.
  14. Could I please get a trial?
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