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  1. yeah, if i could buy one. i do not run bots on the one i do have, but i would guess 2 maybe 3. it looks like 1.2gb is running in mirror mode and using about 1.5 cpu 100% load. math would say 3 could be done but would lag the clients while 2 should run with little issue. though, windows might have some overhead.
  2. Client Version: 2.6.41 Script Version: v3.4.0 Date: 2022-01-12 Low CPU Mode (yes/no): no Bug Description: after picking any stats to train, it stops and attempts to adjust volume. it does not appear to handle click-dragging or whatever task it wants to perform and moving on Bug Occurs When: when the script is started (just after any skills are picked) Where Bug Occurs: anywhere Screenshots (if applicable):
  3. if you look at the last update, they updated some code surrounding world hopping. this might be relevant to what youre posting about. a more veteran user will have better insight as this post is more or less an educated guess.
  4. i was getting a similar error with the bot previously open. rebooting or wiping the osbot folder did not fix. the above message i was getting. now it is stuck at searching for osrs client to attach to
  5. hopefully youve found a solution for this by now. with SSL, are the root certificates up to date on the linux host? im not a linux person but this can sometimes cause issues on windows
  6. the mirror mode process itself uses about 1 gb itself while the game uses about 400mb. i like to to round up no matter what to 2gb for the game/bot overall as the OS needs some space to breath. i use windows and have yet to use mac at all so memory-wise, before booting up osbot, is there enough memory?
  7. this is not an absolute proof of checking whether or not OSBot is up or not, but just go to https://osbot.org/mvc/sdn2/scripts/. if its up, OSBot is probably up. if its not, OSBot is probably not up
  8. It would be nice if there was a library that could handle actions. Not only a bot that walks to an area, but a function that the writer supplies walk to this area, find the npc, and chat. It could also be simple things like use two items together, and build in randomness into how each function performs its internal actions. This is not a script, but rather a supporting tool.
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