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  1. Any plans on including seaweed, even as a standalone?
  2. When are you expecting Brutals to be out of beta?
  3. Would like it if the stronghold plugin could either be bypassed or if it could not loot while in combat, I'm trying to safe spot flesh crawlers and it just keeps picking arrows up mid fight. It also loots other players kills even when I have only loot target enabled. Bummed because the "vanilla" script is so solid.
  4. Yes, in the GUI go to file then save as. It won't save the stop conditions but will save most everything else. Also, make sure you hit the save fight grounds after close option.
  5. Minor glitch: sometimes double counts killing an npc. When I have 120 left in slayer task it will say that I killed 129 in the end. Not sure when it double counts as I afk it.
  6. Is it possible to reopen the menu while the script is already running? For example if I forgot to add a drop to the loot table and dont want to redo all the other inputs? If not is that possible?
  7. Can't get it to end the script in the bank while i have set to stop after task
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