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  1. Need this done on an ironman. I keep marks can supply u with whatever u need. U will NOT have bank access. Middleman most likely used
  2. Thee Goat


    Does it have thieving pet?
  3. Assuming hcim. Hcim with 99 fm is always a good account cause then they can train hp without the worry of wt smoking you.
  4. 70-80m id pay with recov test
  5. Id pay 100m quashed ban still hurts
  6. Ive never had luck with agility either lom highest ive made is 37
  7. WillIng to get done in 2-3 days time total let me know price range
  8. Id guess 45-50m like above post just getting the 75 range would jump value 25m
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