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  1. only looking for trusted people to do this sorry need it started assap The Corsair curse 600k misthalin mystery 600k Between a rock 2m cold war2m Contact 3m devious minds 3m dream mentor 3m eagles peak 1.5m enakhras lament 2m forgettable table 2m Legends quest 5m Roving elves 1m Mouring ends part 1 and 2 5m and 8m
  2. only done acid/lsd once i did it on my own had a chill setting i felt that the drug showed me a good/bad trip as i went though the motions best advice if your heading into bad trip is to remind yourself its not you its the drug
  3. just use osbuddy pro
  4. need 40-51 agility hand done ill be asking for a 80m deposit on the account if your not trusted
  5. wouldnt let you on the account full stop without a 300m deposit
  6. yes money is left with a vmm and deposit isnt cheap
  7. Must be hand done deposit for the account will be needed as it high end account unless ur name is dbuffed
  8. doesnt make it any safer than a registered email just btw better off making your own account and getting somebody to train for you ill do 75 mage 70 range 40 def 43 pray for 30m + barrows unlocked
  9. Armadyl14

    PC Pure

  10. what title says ava's quests + pre quests quote me a price
  11. what did i miss gold has crashed alot
  12. Panda has already done this
  13. 50m -60m would be like 70m- 80m if you done ava/finished quests off for zulrah
  14. Druidc riutal + 3-10 herb the digsite quest the tourist trap temple of ikov troll stronghold paying 13m for Above you must be highly trusted otherwise you must put a 60m deposit if you ruin the account with a middleman
  15. Hi if i was to use you how long would this take ?
  16. Need x3 Nmz Demon Quests + skills Ava Quests + Skills botted or hand done doesn't bother be wont be paying for bans , 2 day ban is half the price , each account will have a cool down period of till the following Monday . Middleman will be used Dont care how trusted you are Middleman is going to be used. You will supply everything i will supply the account with tut island done Give prices below or pm me im not adding skypes without a price /time frame
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