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  1. This is the same thing happening to me, after a few runs, idles on pier. Sometimes it doesn't do this like once every twenty runs. One other thing I noticed is sometimes it runs to the bank on PC island and idles there as well. This is still an issue btw even after the change. It just loves to idle either on the bank or the pier somewhere every one to twenty five runs.
  2. Thanks man you're fucking fantastic. However, coding a failsafe for attempting to walk into unreachable areas, won't that just cause the script to sit still on the pier? Or will it restart from the beginning again and jump back in the boat to land on pest control again. Thanks so much for replying, thanks for the F2 key, and thanks for fixing the bug I posted.
  3. Here is the last lines of the logger. [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:19 PM]: Found nearest tile next to void knight, walking there! [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:19 PM]: Found nearest tile next to void knight, walking there! [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:20 PM]: Trying delta walker one more time! [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:20 PM]: Couldn't walk the best path possible, resorting to default walker... [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:21 PM]: Let's try to find an obstacle to tackle... [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:22 PM]: Let's try to find an obstacle to tackle... [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: Won item amount in slot 0. [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: We have just completed a game, and are back at the base! [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: "portal_e" changed to "" [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: "portal_w" changed to "" [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: "portal_sw" changed to "" [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: "portal_se" changed to "" [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: "portal_sequence" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:24 PM]: "portal_dropped_before" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:46 PM]: Terminating script Perfect Pest Control... [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:46 PM]: Finished after ^700^7:^309^7:^324, post a progress report please! [INFO][Bot #1][04/12 09:33:46 PM]: Script Perfect Pest Control has exited!
  4. Hiya! The script runs well but somewhere between after one round and after maybe 50 rounds, the script just gets stuck on the pier outside the boat and tries to path into the ocean by clicking on the ocean in the minimap. I've tested this script maybe 20-35 times with different settings and does the same thing every time. Also, I would really love a way to remove the paint, if that's already possible I'm not aware. (GUI) Getting a logger for you now if needed.
  5. Czar, three times in a row, after running for about 20 minutes, it just stops working and logs off. Just to let you know.
  6. It idles to simulate delay for antiban purposes. That's why it literally says on the GUI 'delay x seconds'.
  7. Thinking of swapping to this from Czars fletcher. Could I get a trial Tom, would be great to test functionality.
  8. Hey Czar bud, any chance you can fix this? Would be great to get this working.
  9. Only removes 14 bows at a time?
  10. Gangster

    Fruity NMZ

    Actually not sure, I've messed around with it like 300 times and finally I got it to work, I got min max set to 2/3 and outside cave turned off. Seems to work okay now... Tried these settings before and it didn't work but the combination of settings I have now seems to have fixed it, not sure what the issue was.
  11. Gangster

    Fruity NMZ

    Okay so I've spent an hour testing everything. To confirm, flick heal only works if my character has another prayer running. As a temporary work around I've turned on burst of strength permanently, which uses low prayer points and enables the script to use flick heal. If I don't have another prayer turned on in the script settings, the flick heal doesn't work. Just so you know where the issue lies. Other than that, I think I've worked out how to get the rock cake working, took a lot of time to get it working properly though, perhaps buggy.
  12. Gangster

    Fruity NMZ

    Update Fruity - with a lot of messing about I got the rock cakes to work, however, the rapid heal function I can only make work if my character is already using another prayer such as ultimate strength. Rapid heal on its own doesn't work. If I choose rapid heal and no other prayers, then it just doesn't bother flicking. edit - oh and mirror mode.
  13. Gangster

    Fruity NMZ

    btw, I've tried turning off rock cake outside as well, makes no difference. i've tried this script off and on for about a year and it has NEVER been able to flick heal and NEVER been able to rock cake properly for me, not sure what i'm doing wrong. Edit : I've also never seen the script able to use the rockcake inside the cave either, just stops using it outside around 52hp, then goes in, pops pots and absorbs and then starts, and doesn't flick heal.
  14. Gangster

    Fruity NMZ

    This is and always has been my problem with the script, did you work how to get it working? Never flicks heal and never rock cakes to 1.
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