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  1. not really if your goal is money - you have to be super lucky to get the only notable item which is the primordial. additionally, although you'll have to come to this conclusion yourself, cerb is pretty annoying to kill especially if you don't have spectral etc but I guess it's up to you. i managed to get a prim at 127 kc without any other troll drops before that so I guess you can see if you've got the same luck if you want ?
  2. i got a med level with 75/94/75, 75 slayer, decent overall stats and like 140 qp pm me if interested or add my discord Brouse#9729
  3. Brouseyy

    Stealth Quester

    Solid script so I've heard.
  4. Hi, Having trouble making money on an alt account (by botting of course :D) to be able to make a bunch of money. Can barely scrape enough to be able to afford a bond... I know most people don't like sharing their money making methods but how do I go about finding my own which requires little stats so that I can bot an alt account which can afford bonds and still have some money for the main
  5. hey can I join your discord please

  6. acc has 60 attk, 89 str, 87 range and 31 pray quested as well
  7. Got any picture of the accounts stats?
  8. They're really good profit and a bot, I would think, would not be as complex to create as some of the others on the sdn? Just curious why there isn't any on the OSbot sdn.
  9. Amazing script - although, sometimes when in combat it will attack another NPC. Like I'd be in combat with an ankou and mid combat it will try to attack another despite being in combat. Great script though, recommend it 100%
  10. Brouseyy

    PC pure

    60 attack , 89 strength, 1 defence, 87 ranged, 31 pray (quested) Completed: Horror from the deep, death plat, mm 1, mountain daughter, animal magnetis,
  11. Thanks for the script - will try it out within the next week and will post a proggy ?
  12. They are watching your account closer than before, so just be pretty smart if you want to bot again. No super long sessions - no obvious botting activities.
  13. Requesting a trial before I buy this script - thanks
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