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  1. Can do this for 2,5m right now
  2. Go with @Acerd he did my firecape too very quick
  3. Just received a reply from jagex, but cunt Jane has denied my appeal Oh well
  4. thinq

    Monkey madness

    With such low stats 5m is really a fair price.
  5. thinq

    Power leveling

    I can do Slayer for 140m
  6. You should wait for a while, if the CW poll passes you can get is for like 10x less.
  7. I can do this fairly cheap.
  8. thinq

    My first pk video

    Pking is average but your song choice makes up for that.
  9. If every pure gmauler had a halo, it adds a little more risk to pure pking though. Just saying
  10. Ive sent in a submit for a freshly banned account like 14 days ago, still waiting
  11. Not really trusted because of feedbacks but i can do it for 100k each ticket. Can be done in 1 week.
  12. Okay now it works again really fine. Was just a bit of waiting after the update.
  13. That's weird right? Normally I don't have any problems after updates. However I used this script before and it's really good but I need it to work :p
  14. Yes, ive tried both with cannon in inventory and when i already set up the cannon at the same spot. Ive downloaded and replaced the script file again but that doesnt solve it.
  15. It could be for me only, but when I start the script with cannon only at caged ogres, it does not click the cannon. Only thing that it does is flicking on auto retaliate and that's it...
  16. Acerd completed this service
  17. Sounds good, i added you on skype
  18. When can you start and how long would it take approximately?
  19. Hey i need a firecape to be done on my account with the following stats: 90 hp 99 ranged 53 prayer 46 defence cb 88
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