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  1. Hey, still interested to buy the Gmauler for 12m? if so hit me up on skype :)

  2. Highest bid is 12m so far, would sell for 15m right now.
  3. got one with 31 prayer if interested, agser.
  4. Do you still want to buy this for 12m?
  5. can I get the payment before leaving
  6. I aint after the pet, but pking on the account, dont think the pet raises too much the price. And with your feedback its quite hard to sell account for the real price.
  7. usually a few mins, for me been atleast.
  8. first 15-20m~ 2nd 30-40m~
  9. Mico

    Main pc

    Your feedback, non combats very low, no fire cape, no torso.
  10. I'd be interested on this, registered email? maybe 15-30m~
  11. sounds cool, i'd be in.
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