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  1. I'm responsible for the 18m just cause the OO is banned? Come on guys.. that's a bit ridiculous. Being honest, if I was playing the game right now and active, I'd gladly find a way to get him the 18m, but I have no accounts, no wealth, nothing. I feel for @@roflmaoed but I did fairly state that the OO was not me when selling. I financially cannot afford a refund right now, and would hate to lose this account because of the money I did put into paid scripts if I ever come back. That being said, if a ban is all that awaits me for not refunding, then I guess I'll take it. Too many school worries atm to worry about this too much. If this is it, sorry @@roflmaoed, it honestly was not me, I hope my ban is some justice because I do feel for you and losing out on a good account and all the work you probably did! Thanks everyone who I interacted with on here, it was a pleasure!
  2. I just realized I probably can't access my original for sale post because I'm locked out of the Accounts forum due to my warning. @Decode I'm off to bed, school tomorrow, but I'll make sure to hop back on here to help resolve all this. I know 24 hrs is coming up soon so luckily I got on when I did :P
  3. Hey man! I'll be honest I haven't been active on the forum and RS in general since Summer, but occasionally log back in to see whats new. I was surprised to see this warning.. I promise you I have no clue what is going on and did not recover the account. I don't even play any more. I bought the account from a person a few weeks prior to selling to you, and the only thing I can think of is that the OO recovered it. I was pretty clear when selling it that I was not the OO. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/100502-price-check-main-w-99-cook-full-void-username-login-etc/ That's the only topic I could find but I did mention the OO as being some RobbieBurton11. Again, I deeply apologize for anything that's happened and am willing to try and help make it right, but I haven't been involved. I would like to settle this though so in the chance I do return to the forum my account is still around.
  4. Yeah I looked through the last few pages of accounts for sale; that one is good but would prefer the stats to be a bit more rounded, that one is predominantly NMZ ready + quested. I know I'm being picky tho so I'll see whats out here and may have to lower my hopes.
  5. By decent I mean nothing crazy, but not a 50/50/50 all arounder. Thanks tho! :P
  6. Hey all! Looking for an OS main to play on. I'd like it to have decent all-around stats/quests etc and not just be an NMZ-ready account with combat only. Willing to spend up to $30 PP if needed. Will only buy from trusted members, OO's, and will need creation details/etc so there's as little chance of recovery as possible. Thanks!
  7. Order done as he stated. Was super nice and did all I asked for my logo. Thx! 10/10!
  8. I mean XP wise it takes same amount regardless which you do first; but time wise having higher Str = higher hits = more XP/hr, or at least it should be.
  9. Got a low level starter main for sale for cheap. 70 att 74 str 70 def 43 pray 61 rng 47 slayer among the highlights. MM done. PM if interested.
  10. Go Str to 70 first, then Att/Def one at a time or even shared to get Str up more. I got ~30k/hr at a private spot and got to 70/74/70 in a few days botting. You aren't far off.
  11. To be honest man when you PC here people quote what you would be able to get on this forum, not the account itself. It being a 40 attack pure previously doesn't change anything either sadly. I had a similar build.
  12. MM / Dragon Slayer done.
  13. Can a scripter please look over my code really quick to see why my script isn't starting at all? It's a personal private script so I'd prefer to Skype or PM you it to look over. I developed an older script of mine that runs fine, and added more to it. Can't find a reason why this one won't run at all. No logger info either. Thanks!
  14. Thanks man! Will try this as soon as I get home. Yeah the widget is the problem, but thanks anyways! The snippet still may be useful
  15. Hey! I need some help with when webWalking to the Wilderness. The Wilderness ditch is supported, but the Wilderness Warning isn't. You can toggle it after a few hops but I wanna be able to run it on a fresh account. I tried adding this in my walk State: webWalk.getWalking(destination); if (RS2Widget.isVisible(###,###)) { (RS2Widget.Interact("Ok", ###, ###);} or something along those lines. Thing is, it does nothing :P I also am wondering if there is any snippets for detecting HP % so I can set it to heal below a % rather than fixed #. Thanks!
  16. imancity

    Your Favorite

    Yeah any F2P pure, most fun tbh. 40/70+/1/70+
  17. Think he meant 99 att 99 str 99 rng. Or possibly 99 str 99 rng 99 mage.
  18. I'll buy it for 5m right now.
  19. In my honest opinion, it was okay. Loved Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot as Harley, and even Jai Courtney did great. Joker was underwhelming and made me like Jared Leto even less. Over-hyped, but to be fair it's hard to follow up Heath Ledger's performances. Overall don't regret watching it, would give it a 6.5/10.
  20. Ohhh man that makes a lot more sense now lol. I was wondering why it kept just chillin there. Hmm I wonder why it just idles in Lumby tho and never walked back to Edge after dying? Maybe an error on my part?
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