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  1. how did ur vip mirro mode journey go?
  2. to my knowledge its f2p crabs per say at least as of what I heard so I suggest u stay away from it
  3. mind placing what items you are purchasing to see if i can get any off em
  4. how much did that cost u, and did u continue getting locks?
  5. On average how much would these accs go for stats would vary on his fast the slayer could be obtained but I'd say the stats will at least a be at 80 or so combat wise
  6. Buying rested level 3s need currently 20 off them 100kea
  7. u should update daily most ppl lose their rythm when they go weekly or monthly trust me u can see all the old posts in goals n sht
  8. How did u learn to trade forex if u dont mind me asking
  9. to my knowledge gold necks dont have restrictions
  10. their internet drosp so fken much they have to purchase a vps so they can run bots but most ppl are afraid of investing $$$ on a vps n what not
  11. it could also be maybe that u had a username that was offensive or something like that can u try and change the name of said account?
  12. he's probably another venezuelan guy that's just trying to give u advice bcuz some people are greedy in terms of helping others in their country bcuz they believe they lower the prices/crash em bcuz they do green dragones when they have no idea of how big a botting community is
  13. i believe the 50M deposit is fine but he should get people that have been in the community for a good bit, or have some kind of feedback.
  14. thx bought from @Lewis already guys
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