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  1. Message me on Disc::: Smokeshows#7511 No other payments accepted. Thanks.
  2. Comes with fire cape, elite void, max house besides fairy ring/spirit tree, full graceful, skotos pet, 220+ QP, DS2, MM2, 4 hard diaries (Frem, Kandarin, Western, Mory) Imbued archers, seers, berserker, slayer helm, salve, RIGOUR, AUGURY LMK PC
  3. Bourbon

    LF Baby pure

    Here is a baby NHer, sadly no DT but it does have pretty much all the other quests done. 50 attack. I am the original owner. HMU.
  4. You have no feedback but if you did prob 400m minimum. High priced account + email that you won't give with the account = expect a price slashed at least 40%.
  5. Might be what you're looking for. LMK!
  6. Bourbon

    gmaul pure

    Hey, I got this fully quested gmauler w/ 85 mage, mith gloves, etc. I am the OO and will pass off the original email along with this acct. Msg if interested! Price can be negotiable
  7. Looking for starter main, 125m budget. Must have DS2, MM2, B Gloves, Torso, Ddef, Elite Void, at least 3 hard diaries done, 220+ QP, 1900+ Total Level, 2 skilling pets, no bans, quashes, base 90 combats, as well as prayer Also must have 2-3 letter name with username login. If not, must be OO and provide all account details including creation date, ISP, etc. 125m budget is strict and non-negotiable. HMU /s /s /s /s /s /s /s
  8. sent you disc request
  9. Bourbon


    I have the mith gloves account already made without the 60 attack. It has its own email which will be handed off with all of the recovery details upon purchase. Inbox me here to discuss.
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