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  1. To be honest: I tried this script for a few times and I have never experienced it working properly. My character is now regearing for 30-40 minutes long, because I stopped the script after that. It did nothing else btw. This is disgusting, where are the flawless scripts from back in the days?? Every single time I'm considering to bot for a while: I just straight up quit an hour after. This due to 0 progression, bye bye for another year.
  2. fishnugget

    Delete pls

    I bid 20m, you go first or MM also, I want some details like: the country it is created in, date of creation and all the previous passwords.
  3. Oke, hold on I see that he got a 2 day ban I will just bid 60m sorry man
  4. yo u still have an 60/60/60? ill give u 5m for it if it has no email verification
  5. I mean: do you know the exact date acc is created? the previous passwords and which country it is made in? that is very useful.
  6. Yeah bois Searching for a decent account without an E-Mail verification (must). Will be paying good! Rules: *You go first or we will search for a Middle Man together. *Post a thread on directory: Accounts -> Price check with the link of the stats, bans, quest points and untradeables and link it here on this thread and I will take a look :).
  7. Also it stucks alot... after a kill when tps to clanwars it says: switching gear (while he is already switched) and than it just stands and stands Might be because I am wearing a ring of suffering (it hovers mouse over it after the tp but does not click on it).
  8. if u have no e-mail set I can offer you 80m.
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