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  1. Nope, no contact whatsoever in PMs or Skype
  2. Mine was the service (18m) + (3m bank) = 21m
  3. User: http://osbot.org/forum/user/123678-ikill/ Thread: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/95578-ikills-cheap-service-defenderstorsoquests-discounts-on-first-10-orders/page-3#entry1074880 Explanation: I purchased like 8 quests from this guy + some powerlevelling, for 18m, as I was planning on returning to OSRS, to find that he cleaned my cash + dragon weapons (which was like 3m total lmfao) Evidence: Available upon request
  4. I'm buying 20m OSRS. Paying verified PP. I know I'm not trusted here, although I'm trusted on another forum (not rs based) (HF) HMU in PMs
  5. yeah im reading through that now, if u actually read most recent comments it was proven that rsb_david doesnt know what hes talking about lol as a competitor its expected to spread lies to crush your competition.
  6. the new client released by twitch.tv runescapers like foxxiboxxi etc its sort of like osbuddy from what i can tell.
  7. you're so fucking stupid the whole point of this account is stay 1 everything except defence, kill yourself inbred fuck.
  8. black chicks are disgusting doe, like black dudes look normal and the girls look fucking disgusting no wonder the guys like white women. you got some strange fetishes mate.
  9. I'm looking to sell 26m 07 for straight BTC. I will only go first if you are trusted, I'm happy to use a middleman. No paypal, idc how trusted you are
  10. ^vouch for failed4life guy/girl's legit haha.
  11. cya m8 heres a little song for you as you slowly fade from the plains of existence
  12. Got some more BTC, so I'm after a bit more gold.
  13. I'm not dealing over skype, PM/chatbox yeah Don't come to me with some ridiculous rates note: i am not retarded and definitely will not get scammed.
  14. I am trying to locate some transactions for my membership which were done in 2010. Does anyone know of their paypal email so I am able to search up these transactions?
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