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  1. 60m I got this probably same day if u got everything
  2. Dude, you can easily get that amount of money. There was an article written on this kid who had such a huge bot farm he was making around $10,000 US per month and another news source estimates the underground gold/account/services exchange is a 500 million dollar industry. There was some research that went into that it wasn't just some random number they pulled but yeah you can easily make that.
  3. Hey what's up this is a piece of cake message me on skype at live:cornerstonesglc if you want my services
  4. If you want it done right now then contact me on skype at live:cornerstonesglc
  5. I can do this for 9m you can skype me at live:cornerstonesglc if you're interested The only reason it's 6.1m is because he has 60 agility. If he didn't then it would've been a lot more money, but 11m does still sound up there.
  6. If you want to talk prices you can skype me at live:cornerstonesglc
  7. From 0-60% I can do for 8m and from 0-100% I can do for 10m. My skype is live:cornerstonesglc
  8. I can do this for you for 16m. Skype me at live:cornerstonesglc if you want to hire me.
  9. I can do this for 2m. Skype me at live:cornerstonesglc if you would like to hire me.
  10. Well, I'm not looking for quick 99s because I'm going the money making route. I will however be mining, woodcutting, and fishing in the guilds because it gives an invisible +7 boost which will help and using the mining gloves is going to be awesome, especially for runite and adamant ore. Thanks!
  11. Nope, I won't do anything past 99 because 99 is the highest lol Yep, I suppose so lol Well, I'm not going for quick 99s just the money making route.
  12. DageMaric


    I can do it for 8m, I'll also send you a message on skype. My skype is live:cornerstonesglc
  13. Hey guys, I don't know why but I've decided to go the slowest, but yet most profitable route to 99 Mining, Hunter, Woodcutting, Runecrafting, and Fishing. My long term goals right now are: Mining - Gold ore 40-70 (10,776 ores), Adamant ore 70-85 (26,537 ores), Runite ore 85-99 (78,207 ores) = ~880m Hunter - Chinchompas 53-63 (1,172 chins), Red Chinchompas 63-73 (2356 chins), Black Chinchompas 73-99 (38,228 chins) = ~125m Woodcutting - Yews 60-75 (5353 logs), Magics 75-99 (47,297 logs) = ~55m Runecrafting - Nature runes 44-59 (21,360 runes), Double Cosmic runes 59-65 (50,386 runes), Death runes 65-82 (197,166 runes), Double Astral runes 82-99 (2,439,850 runes) = ~431m Fishing - 62-76 Monkfish (8,356 fish), Sharks 76-99 (106,346 fish) = ~63m Also, this is all hand done on osbuddy and before I reach the money making levels I'll just be taking the fast route, but yeah these are my goals they are very ambitious but I'm going to try and take it in baby steps. As of now, my Mining lvl is 40, Hunter is 18, Woodcutting is 65, Runecrafting is 11, and Fishing is 53. I'll post updates as regularly as I can and should I post pictures of my progress? Let me know! Day 1-2 Hey guys! So, I posted about day 1 and 2 but instead of editing I made a whole new thread all together and so Mio took it down and gave me a warning. I don't recall exactly what I did on those days but I know that I completed the Enter the Abyss mini-quest which leveled my Runecrafting to 14 then I trained it to 28, and I went from 65-68 woodcutting, and 40-46 mining. I'm also training for the Hero's quest to help me runecraft through the abyss but all I needed was the mining requirements which helped me as well because I need mining levels anyway. Accomplishments: 65-68 Woodcutting 11-28 Runecrafting 40-46 Mining Enter the Abyss mini-quest Day 3 So, it is now day 3 and I didn't do much except get 46-50 mining because I accepted a 30m power leveling job and the exp rates of mining gold aren't that great. I really needed the cash for my account, sorry guys. I'll try to play on my account as much as possible while I'm doing this job. It's not a very big order so it shouldn't take too long. Accomplishments: 46-50 Mining
  14. I can do it for you I just messaged you on skype
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