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  1. Quick and fast order. Friendly staff immediately available in live chat. Very competitive prices.
  2. abibot

    BETA v1.7.21

    Major support for hooking abyss rifts and mounted glory in house!
  3. There is no way a hacker could steal your RS Account information. We do not store it in our servers at all. We do not send it through a connection in any way. If someone "hacked our client," they would have to first steal our unobfuscated client directly off of the developers computers, change the code, remove our security methods, then upload the link via the site. The chances of this happening are about.. 0% Of course it's near 0%, just playing devils advocate to not entirely rule out the possibility :P. Thanks for the comforting words.
  4. Thanks for the update, one of the many reasons this community this community is appealing to scripters!
  5. One of those threads, eh? 183
  6. While the OSBot admins wouldn't hack an individual user, if the OSBot client got hacked, like what happened a year (or was it two?) ago at a different prominent botting site by a user named gh0st, your account could potentially get hacked.
  7. Didn't know that was possible.
  8. Learning the OSBot API!

  9. EXACTLY what I was looking for, thanks mate.
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