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  1. hey czar, Been testing out the script after i bought it, seems to be working great. i just have some issues with lag that i cant seem to fix. Any experience with lag issues and or some options i can toggle to reduce lag? ty bro (btw lag at ardougne knight is what im having issues with)
  2. Do you recommend breaking often with this script? And would you say the bot clicks allot? Ty in advance
  3. hey zac did you run this for long periods of time? im looking for a mlm bot, managed to get to 80 now need someting that can run with decent breaking that is less well known
  4. Hey czar i assume this bot supports mlm? Ty
  5. Thanks for the tip, i got script factory already so i am slowly learning that. I was looking at ur perfect fighter script. Do you recommend it to camp monsters with it aswell or mostly slayer?
  6. Hi, Played osrs for years when i was younger, then life came and i did not have the spare time nor interest anymore. Recently got back in to it but i still dont have the time. So i decided to try out botting some stuff, great experience so far! Might check back in a few weeks to report the progress i have made! ty for hearing me out
  7. Hi can i have a trial thqnks
  8. Could i have a trial please, also wondering what break time you recommend since my accs can spend atleast a few hours in there but i assume a few hours with no logging is t a good idea? Ty in advance
  9. Considering buying this how many quest do you recommend doing in a row and how long would you suggest to break? Ty in advance
  10. i was wondering if i could have a trial and does this support banking cakes (ardougne)? ty in advance
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